Up and running


Up and running

This is my first post on the new site. Since the server crashed (over at my previous, shared, hosting service), I've been working on independent hosting for Metadope.com, and here is the result. As seen in the footer of these pages, I am now running ProcessWire for the blog and public-facing pages. Adding PHP as yet-another-language, I don't feel the same comfort and expertise as I do in C & C++. Independence requires I delve deeper into the code.

Learning these many scripting languages (Perl, Python, and now PHP) over the years has been gratifying, but I get nervous the further I get from the metal.

I'm using (relying upon) yet-another-framework, here and now, with ProcessWire. Add to this the Rails framework for the Ruby-based applets, the Nodejs and Backbone Javascript (or Coffeescript, to be more precise) services, the standard reliance on jquery, and the Bootstrap CSS collection, and I can see myself moving further and further away from the hand-crafted cycle-shaving byte-counting assembly code of my distant past. It's okay. I'll get over it-- my lifelong NIH syndrome. Not Invented Here, but cool stuff nonetheless, I invite my readers to check out what I consider to be the best available CMS framework, ProcessWire.

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