The dope on metadata

What is Metadope?

Metadope is a site dedicated to metadata-driven algorithms.

Imagine planetary programming paradigms rotating around a large and globally-warming metadata sun. Imagine a Big Bang triggered in 1984 by a legendary woman hurling her hammer into a huge LCD screen.

DOPE is a triple acronym, ternary moons with three simultaneous assigned meanings:

First, DOPE is a Data Oriented Programming Environment. Grady Booch and the Gang Of Four can keep their OOP (Object Oriented Programming), here, we are contrarily proponents of POO (Programming Oriented Objects). Data comes first, because that's what it's all about. Everything else is just representation.

Second, DOPE means Data Originated Paradigm Extraction. In the old daze, when the universe of software engineering was in its infancy, programmers invented data structures, and protocols, and big globs of glue code to hold together some rickety application. Everybody invented everything from scratch. There were no standards, until someone coded one. We inherited all this, and refactoring is ongoing, and it is in everybody's job description.

Third, DOPE is Data Object Pattern Engineering. Yes, we were just kidding when we threw POO at Mr. Booch. We believe in OOP, and are constantly on the prowl for pattern abstractions that will prove useful in creating and maintaining robust and powerful programming paradigms.

Finally, Metadope is also a persona, adopted by me, Jim Davis. the author of this site. I consider it my pseudonym, an internet alias I use for authoring web content. I adopted this persona to illustrate and designate my avocation: I am a big proponent of my own personal software development paradigm, which relies heavily (almost completely) on data encoded to identify and describe other data (metadata, in the original sense).