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Metadope is a small group of software engineers dedicated to data mining for abstraction. We see Code as Data, and Data as Code. We work with hammer and anvil to pound out algorithms and metadata. We are developing a database of legacy data patterns, encoded as metadata, and a library of tools for metadata creation.

Nothing New Under The Sun

Solar-powered vehicles have been developed and deployed already. There is nothing new in the idea of taking solar power and using the energy to move a vehicle. Research teams from many universities have successfully designed and implemented solar-powered race cars (see our Links section for references). In order to do so, they have designed lightweight vehicles, pushing the envelope with expensive construction techniques and materials, spending a lot of money and effort in order to achieve speed and range in the real-time environment of a road-race.

Adding solar panels to the roof of an RV is also an old idea. One popular use for RV's is called 'boondocking', where the RV is driven to a natural camping site where 'shore-power' is not available. Solar panels provide an alternative to the intrusive noise and pollution of an onboard generator. There is usually enough solar power to keep the 'house' batteries charged, providing amenities such as lighting, entertainment, and refrigeration while out in the 'boonies'.

Since solar power has moved vehicles and provided power for RV amenities, why has no one already created an all-electric RV?


...There is simply not enough power in a roof-top filled with solar panels to move a 10-ton vehicle (a small house) down the road. Existing RV's have gasoline or diesel-fueled internal combustion engines, and most get poor fuel economy, but they can drive anywhere (as long as there are plenty of gas stations along the way), and their range is already infinite (as long as those gas stations have gas to sell).

Our Idea Is Simple

The key to our idea is that RVs are (or can be) used in a particular pattern which makes them uniquely suited for solar-electric power.

RVs are driven infrequently. A typical usage might entail a few hours of driving, followed by a few days of recreating. The RV is parked more often than not.

This hours/days ratio is the key to our (admittedly very simple) idea. We want to fill the bays of our RV with batteries and cover the roof with solar panels, and replace the gas-guzzling engine with an electric drive-train, and prove to the world that a useful RV can be fully powered by the sun, providing an infinite range.

We're Not Racing, We're Taking LSD

We have adopted the marathon runner's training philosophy-- taking bites out of the road with Long, Slow Distances. Although we are designing for the ability to sprint (for short distances), we are imagining a most-leisurely pace. Our idea depends on leisure. Drive for an hour or two, and then absorb the sun (and the fun) for several days. Average speed can be specified in MPD (miles per day).

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